Directions for daytime appointments (i.e. before 5pm)

The best place to park is Tuggeranong Hyperdome, which has free parking for the first 2 hours (i.e. longer than your appointment)
(NB: for appointments at 5pm or later, use the other directions - the entrance used in the directions below is locked after 5pm)

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Enter the underground carpark from the Reed St Entrance:

Park your car and the enter the shops. Walk straight ahead through to the far side of the shopping centre and exit to the street. Cross the road, heading in the direction of Lake Tuggeranong

Walk straight ahead, continuing towards Lakeview House

Enter the building and take the lift to level 2:

Exit the lift and turn to your right

Turn right again, towards the balcony door

Head out onto the balcony

Towards the end of the balcony you will find Unit 10 on the left

Enter through this door: